Gelatinous Cubes of Emulsified Forcemeat

Magpie Musing recently discovered many things about hot dogs . Most interestingly is that they are classified as emulsified forcemeat . Now, I’m okay with emulsified , since lots of tasty foods are emulsions. But forcemeat? Ignoring my first thoughts on seeing the word (which I’m sure some of you shared,) forcemeat sounds as though it’s a food that one must be forced to eat. For me, this is pretty accurate when it comes to hot dogs. Of course I’ve ever only been fed the supermarket ‘why bother’ variety, so it’s quite possible that I’m prejudiced against what could otherwise be a fine dining experience. I doubt it, though. I dare someone to present me with a hot dog that makes me ask for seconds, and mean it .

The sharp eyed among you will notice that this is my second late post this month. I am quite irritated about this, and it probably shows in the above paragraph, which was supposed to come across as light hearted but may sound rather sulky. I’d been begged and cajoled into playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, even to the point of having received an early Christmas present to bring my 2002-era system up to par. So I finally had no excuse not to join my friends online. Knowing, though, that these MMORPG sessions can run a half-dozen hours at a time, I also set up the notebook with a current copy of my Thingamablog database, and figured I’d write my post while the others were shopping, training, or otherwise picking their noses.

Unfortunately, at some point the notebook decided that it’d had a long day and went to sleep. Trying to revive it only made matters worse and the machine shut down completely and wouldn’t return. At about that time, the game crashed on my partly new PC, so I decided I’d just start over on the post and then call it a night.

I guess the lesson here is save early and save often. If I had done that, I could at least have pulled the thumbdrive from the comatose notebook and posted a much better, longer, and less bitter version of the first paragraph just in the nick of time. Still, I manage to post every day at about the same time, which unfortunately is midnight, and I don’t see how that’s different from someone who habitually posts at noon, except for that nonsense about the date changing.

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