Engines, Bots and Books

It appears my humble abode on the Web is finally getting visitors. Good, good! (cackle cackle).

Upon analysis, it would appear that most of the visitors are new and are arriving from the NaBloPoMo list at fussy.org and also the randomizer at pinkelephants.org. But, a few visitors have arrived via search engine, seeking a "Ballbot VCR" and "UCN5804B Scrounging"

Well, I can’t tell you how to build a Ballbot from an old VCR, but I can tell you what I know about the UCN5804B. This discontinued chip is apparently rather elusive. Unfortunately, I have no idea what devices these stepper motor controllers were ever used in. I got the few I had from Newark Electronics quite some time ago. Now, if one wants only to drive a few stepper motors, might I point out that most of the floppy drives I’ve dissected so far use Darlington array chips to drive their stepper motors. One might be able to use one of those, a latch and a shift register to mock the functionality of a stepper driver. It’s just a thought. But if you’re trying to repair a particular device, ough. Best of luck to you.

In other news, on Monday, I got yet another electronics book from paperbackswap.com . If you haven’t heard of this site, (and you’d like to swap your boring old books for some interesting new ones) do check them out. It’s rather like netflix for books, and your only cost is postage.

The only problem with this particular book is that its last owner was apparently a smoker, so it was a bit smelly. I thought maybe slipping some dryer sheets between a few of the pages might help. It did. Now the book smells like a motel, rather than an ashray, which is a slight improvement..

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