Chinese Five Book Powder

Molly Bawn Chronicles brings us the Five Book Meme.

  1. Take five books off your bookshelf.

    Randomly? Or should I choose my five favorites? Nah, I enjoy randomness. Where are my dice?

    All those probabilities...

    Okay, there they are. I’ll select a shelf by rolling 2d12. Then I will select a book on that shelf by rolling 1d100. I will then find the book resting at that percentage of the shelf’s width (from left to right.) Ready?

  2. First book—first sentence.

    At 9th shelf, 52% of the way across, is Games People Play. "Once, there was a man named Gordon." Gosh, that deserves a limerick, doesn’t it?

  3. Second book—last sentence on page fifty.

    At 14th shelf, 25% of the way across, is Guinness Book of the 20th Century . "Birth control, n: Deliberate control or prevention of conception through artificial or natural means; term publicised by Margaret Sanger."

  4. Third book—second sentence on page one hundred.

    At 23rd shelf, 73% of the way across, is Tyrant’s Test. "’I have something,’ the sensor master shouted."

  5. Fourth book—next to last sentence on page one hundred fifty.

    At 20th shelf, 52% of the way across, is Robot Building for Beginners. "There’s also a problem if the meter displays a voltage rating around zero (see Figure 10-16)."

  6. Fifth book—final sentence of the book

    At 8th shelf, 57% of the way across, is Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man. "Thanks for reading."

I’ve never really thought about it, but is 25 shelves a lot? Does that make me a book snob?

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Apparently so.

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