"Very Special" episode

I realized that today is the fifth anniversary of my move to San Diego. It was Columbus Day, 2001, and I remember this because the banks were closed and I almost ran out of gas.

That year, Columbus Day fell on the eleventh of October. Coincidentally, National Coming-Out day falls on the eleventh of October every year. It’s not exactly a holiday, just a manufactured celebration like so many other manufactured celebrations we celebrate in the US.Given the choice, though, I’d rather celebrate honesty than celebrate Columbus, a man who mistakenly thought he’d reached India. So in celebration of honesty, guess what? I, too, am gay.

This is not going to be news to more than a few people, especially since I’ve been out since about 19. This is really more of an affirmation. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of guy to go out of his way to challenge people on sexuality. Quite the opposite.

However, I presume this is fairly obvious to everybody, not that I mince and fuss like See-Threepio or anything, nor do I (often) criticize people’s taste in fashion or decor. Nor do I want to go shopping (unless you’re going to Fry’s.) Why not? Well, believe it or not, there are as many types of gay people as there are of straight people: millions.

Of course there are many other people out there who do embrace such flamboyant mannerisms. Now, if that’s an expression of their true identities, then more power to them. Be authentic! But there are also people who will behave in a certain way when they think it’s expected of them. However, I am not that sort of person.

So maybe it’s not that obvious. But I am still certain that those of you who do know me personally really have already figured it out and are just "waiting for [me] to say something." If that’s the case, then consider it said. Let’s talk about it.

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