Robot Progress

Progress has been slow. I had to build a new motor controller for Rover, because the left tread would not reverse, and as a result the robot would not be able to turn. Replacing transistors only made the problem worse. Rover now has a new motor controller that uses relay-based H-bridges, but also uses power transistors to switch the motors on and off, which will allow me to control the speeds of the motors by adjusting the duty cycle.

So, here’s Rover…


I’ve also started and almost completed a second project, a drawing robot. It’s based on a plan I found in a book called Apple II/IIe Robotic Arm Projects. This is a jointed, two dimensional robot. (Most two-dimensional robots are not jointed, but rather use pulleys or screws to to position themselves based on X-Y coordinates.) When this robot is complete, you will be able to put a pen in its hand and have it draw you a picture.


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