Toy Cameras

Make: presents HOW TO – Make a digital toy infrared camera.

I did this myself, a while back, using a SiPix Blink II, the gel filters described in "$10 Infrared Goggles" , and a few pointers found here. Although the Blink II was never designed to be taken apart, I managed to do so without destroying it. It was then that I learned that the infrared blocking filter was of the sort bonded to the lens. Fortunately the lens appeared to be interchangeable with that of a security camera I had. So I borrowed that lens. I would come to regret that later.

At any rate, I managed to get the Blink II reassembled and set out on a grand day of photo taking. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the Blink II’s major drawbacks. Not only does it take worse pictures than my cellphone, it sucks batteries dry within a few hours, and of course all of your photos will then evaporate at that point. So guess what happened?

Yes. I returned home empty handed. I tried (with fresh batteries) again and again, until the time I finally made it to a computer in time to download and view this:

pict0008 pict0013 pict0012

Here’s the complete photoset .

Oh, and the reason I came to regret using the borrowed lens? Well, a few more dead batteries and lost photos later, the experimental camera suddnly found itself flying into the bushes at the Lake Murray reservoir.It was never seen again.

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