Terminator versus Astro Boy

"When the robots take over, I hope they’re Japanese," says author Timothy Hornyak in this brief interview . He notes that different cultures, such as that of Japan and the US, have different relationships with, and expectations of, robots. The Japanese, notes Hornyak, see robots as beloved friends and helpers, and this view results in such robots as the electronic pet AIBO and child-like Asimo and Qrio . The Americans, on the other hand, see robots as dangerous tools, and this view results in such robots as The Crusher , an unmanned surveillance and supply vehicle, the R-500 anti-explosives unit, and (of course), BattleBots, the Roomba sweeper, Scooba mopper, and Dirt Dog shop vacuum.

"Every society… gets the robots that it deserves," says Hornyak.

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