Ninjas from Porlock

This weekend, I was going to work on a jointed drawing arm modeled after the one shown in an old book I have. I have some balsa blocks and poplar dowels that I was going to cut, drill, and glue together to form the arm segments. Unfortunately, my cordless rotary tool has vanished. I doubt anybody "borrowed it– without asking "because I still have the battery, charger, and bits. I cleaned and organized my entire work area and there was no sign of it, but I did discover that my Gorilla glue has also vanished and the charger for my cordless drill is now useless. Oh, and three of the four sprockets I was going to use are also gone. A mighty fine coincidence!

I am eerily reminded of a short story by Raymond F. Jones called "The Person From Porlock." In it, an engineer working on a teleportation system is beset by setback after setback resulting from tiny mistakes made by his team. He soon becomes paranoid, and his boss fires him. He then works on the project indepentently, until finally he is visited by a person from Porlock. It is no coincidence that another person from Porlock disrupted the concentration of the poet Coleridge before he could finish his poem Xanadu.

But, one should never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.Therefore, my original theory of a malevolent ninja stealing my tools at the request of an ancient society must be rejected. As for the amazing vanishing tool, it really didn’t work all that well, anyway, so I’ve suggested that I be given a better one for my birthday.

Thank you, Ninja.

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