What is the significance of the title of this site, you ask? Good question.

A long time ago, the Brunching Shuttlecocks , in addition to such unforgettable classics as the Geek Heirarchy and the Bjork Song , had the Cyborger . So, as you have probably already guessed by now, when my name is entered into the Cyborger, the resulting backronym is Electronic Replicant Intended for Killing.

Since, at that point, the Cyborger produced some pretty random-sounding results for other people’s names, I was quite proud of my result. It sounded cool and dangerous and had a wonderful clarity of purpose that the other backronyms lacked. I could imagine artificial impostors infiltrating the ranks of the enemy and then quietly and efficiently carrying out their missions.

Now, when I first started with Thingamablog, I used my name as the title and had a rather vague and long-winded description about the blog’s purpose. I didn’t like this, and it wasn’t until I tried switching their places that I realized why– I would rather be the author than the subject. But that still left the problem of the title, and the one that I then had wasn’t going to work. I needed something with a clarity of purpose.

Of course! The cyborger backronym! I tried that and liked it. But since I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea, I dropped the "Intended for Killing" bit.

And that was how the Electronic Replicant got its name.

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